Unico Picture Book

Officially licensed picture book released alongside the new Unico: Awakening comic book.

Unico Picture Book

Video Game Vinyl

These are licensed Konami video game vinyl albums that I did the artwork for, produced by Ship to Shore PhonoCo.

Mystical Ninja Album
Bomberman Album
Esper Dream Album

Video Work

Here you can find links to videos I did artwork for.

Matt McMuscles
- Resident Evil 4
- Nintendo Gamecube
- System Shock Remake
- Super Resident Evil 4

Podcast Appearances

Here you can find all my podcast appearances! I included links, but they can generally all be found on the podcast catcher of your choice.

One Piece Podcast
- various episodes & artwork
- Super Mario RPG (patreon excl.)
- No More Heroes
- Ghost Trick (patreon excl.)
- Ace Attorney (patreon excl.)
- Ace Attorney pt. 2
Talking Simpsons
- Lost Our Lisa
- 30 Minutes Over Tokyo
What a Cartoon
- One Piece (patreon excl.)
- Home Movies
- Hey Arnold!
Kojima Frequency
- Comic Sans Frontières feat. othatsraspberry
Metal Gear Resurrections
- Art That Will Melt Your Heart! feat. othatsraspberry
Ultra 64
- Paper Mario
- Kirby 64
Cinema Oblivia
- Ghost World
Super Senpai Podcast
- The Digimon Movie
Amusement Sparks
- Ace Attorney
- Ep 4: Birdmon Soars